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News: 01JUN08 - - - is undergoing a major tune-up. Additions will be: New page layout, various new artwork images, updated resume and extended profile, and overall cleaner navigation.

The design in the upper portion of the layout does have a few hidden words, but I found that through the manipulation of colors and transparencies it is now almost hardly worth mentioning.  I’m probably the only one who can read them still.

The addition of my newest drawing, which for now I will call “interchange” is available in the images section or the link on the right.  It is something of an amalgamation of several previous characters.  I have been finding lately that as much as I enjoy creating new characters and scenes, I also really enjoy going back over previous sketches and extracting their best elements.  In this care, pretty much every part of his body (and various arms) came from separate sketches.  The tree, which is the basis for the site design, was originally created as a navigation unit almost three years ago but was never used.

- - - Interchange
New Sketch on 29MAY08

Combines elements from several different past sketches.