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Art takes many forms. While I enjoy all forms of art, from sculpting to painting, there are few opportunities to actually create (with the time and space needed) than there used to be. Future months may see a resurgence in sculpting, although there will certainly be more emphasis on continuing to draw and sketch.

Typical artwork for me starts with a pencil and paper, and usually is finalized with traditional or computerized inking methods (Photoshop 7.0) and digital coloring. I also enjoy traditional coloring with Prismacolor markers, although I have not been excited about that recently due to the hazard of messing up a good drawing.

My influences are fairly typical: US comic books, Japanese Anime, and graffiti. Over the years, I have taken elements from these styles and turned them into my own style. Specifically, I tend to go for the proportionality of American artists, the technological focus and facial features of anime, and the intricate details and background effects common in most good graffiti.

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